Training personal branding for women scientists: stand out in the crowd!

This training Personal Branding for women scientists is about uncovering your authentic, personal brand, and about the presentation of yourself consistent with your brand throughout all of your (professional) activities. Developing a solid personal brand can help you make many (career) choices and increase your professional results. We named this training personal branding for women scientists ‘stand out in the crowd!’.

This interactive training personal branding for women scientists will enlighten you about what personal branding is and isn’t, and will teach you about what steps there are to take. With a series of self-reflective, creative and fun, practical exercises like pitching, you will take the first steps in exploring your own personal brand. It will give you a head start in taking the personal branding process in your own hand. Personal Branding is not just knowing your value and uniqueness, but also expressing them

The training will be hosted by a trainer and role play actor, both of whom are connected with Visible-ID’s special label “Vrouw in de Lift” (Females Moving Up): Mr Wouter Christiaens (owner) and Mrs. Tessa van Mourik of Tessa Training. Both are specialised in the training and coaching of female scientists in their professional visibility. This training is also available in an individual coaching program.